About Me

Photography: Kelly Jones Photography


In the summer of 2019, during the height of COVID, I was working part time as an emergency room pharmacist at my local Children's Hospital and spending a tremendous amount of time with my small children at home. As my love for fashion had shifted from my own attire (in mom wear then) to my children's attire, I found myself searching for more sustainable, wearable and well made children's clothing in different prints and more comfortable styles. I had sewn a little here and there prior (quilts, swim coverups), but I had never completed a garment. I got out my sewing machine, found a few knit fabrics, and dove head first into teaching myself and learning more than I ever imaged about children's clothing and sewing. 

I now sew for the love of sewing, and the idea of taking a piece of beautiful, soft and comfortable fabric and making something worn by the most fun little ones is my inspiration. I currently sell online and at local art festivals and craft fairs and love talking with people in my local area!

I strive to utilize eco-conscious fabrics including organic cottons hemp, and repurposed cottons.  The highest quality fabrics are sourced with little ones in mind. 

All clothing pieces are cut, sewn and finished by me (or sometimes some of my favorite seamstress helpers in the busy season). 

Let me help you find the perfect, handmade pieces that are sure to become a wardrobe staple!